Thursday, February 22, 2007

some good things

"The power of imagination makes us infinite." -John Muir

Yesterday during my AP class, instead of doing all sorts of mundane things that need to be done, I painted. It started off innocently enough--as I was tidying up and organizing I found myself looking through the cabinet where the painting students keep their work. A few students didn't continue with the class this semester, so I took their canvases out to make room for the new students. One painting was in oil and it was not very successful, and I know this student will not return for her freaky-eyed portrait. So in a burst of inspiration I started covering it with paint. Now it is the underpainting to a wild landscape. I'm letting it dry for a few days before I continue. I was working on it when the AP students started coming in and I didn't stop until the period was almost over (only brief interruptions when they needed my feedback or help with something).

Today I had the joy of watching brilliant young minds ponder some big questions about our world. And the superintendent of our district happened to come into the room while we were in the middle of things (she was in a meeting next door and needed to borrow a dictionary). She stopped in her tracks and started asking one of my students questions about what we were doing. That was kind of cool.

And tomorrow is much as I hate to wish time away, I sure do appreciate the weekends.