Friday, September 28, 2007

finally making some time to write

The days are beginning to blur into each other.

This move has not been one of those rushed experiences where you have a day or so to get from here to there. Because I haven't been working I have had the time to really sort through everything and purge like mad and organize things like the true type-A that I am. And because we are not moving into our own place just yet most of our furniture and whatnot is going into storage. Because of this we have moved loads of boxes over each time either of us has taken a trip across the sate over the past several weeks. Mr. C was going over there each weekend while his parents were away in Europe so that he could look in on the business and take care of payroll. Finally he had his last day of work last week and then the "real" moving began. But I have still had appointments over here so I have been living in the practically empty house for almost a week. Sleeping on an air mattress is pushing me to my limit.

It is telling to see what remains in an otherwise empty house when you are down to the "necessities." Here is a list of some of the key items that remain:
>Two cats
>A 12 year old goldfish
>an air mattress
>a portable stereo/radio
>basic toiletries
>a few towels
>several changes of clothes (I've actually held back a lot of my clothes here, Mr. C doesn't know that.)
>laundry detergent & tons of other cleaning products
>a can opener
>a pizza cutter and pizza pan (for Mr. C)
>one fork
>one plastic spoon
>a microwave
>paintbrushes, paint, and works in progress
>a few books to read

An abbreviated version of this list was shared with our therapist the other day (by Mr. C, who is far funnier than I am) and she responded that it sounded like the makings of a good short story.

We are excited and anxious to move. As though Mother Nature is giving us a push, it is raining here and sunny there. Not that I have issue with the rain, though, because I actually love it. But sunny days do make my heart sing.

On another note...
This morning I am off to see my therapist for the last time and to take this painting to my friend Laurie. She saw Sheri's paintings and requested one for herself. She liked the one with the hearts but said she likes orange. We'll she if she likes this color scheme. It is very high-key, so it is possible that it won't be what she had in mind.

Monday, September 24, 2007

something we will miss

I wrote about the raccoon a while back when we first made friends with her. Mr. C really grew to love her and named her Linda. Why Linda? I don't know. How did he know she was a female? I'm not sure about that, either. But she didn't come by for a few weeks and when she returned she had two babies with her. Unfortunately one of the babies must have died, because it has just been Linda and Emery for the last month or so.

I wish we could take them with us.

Don't worry, we won't forget to take you with us

I couldn't resist taking this picture. Jackson is very out-of-sorts right now due to the move. So far he is still here at the house but tomorrow we will move almost everything else. He and Cleo will remain for a few more days, along with an air mattress and a few essentials since I am "urban camping" until Wednesday. I am worried about how things will be for sweet Jackson when we actually move him. He didn't handle the move to West Seattle well, and that was only a fifteen minute car ride. This time it will be more like 4 hours and then a few days at the Kitty Hilton. Poor little guy. I've considered trying to get him something from the vet, but honestly a trip to the vet would be comparable in terms of trauma for him.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

the secret project

Monica H. brought it to my attention that I left a bit of a mystery floating out there in my blog. This was not intentional. I was keeping the secret project a secret because my dear friend was also a loyal reader of the blog and I wanted to keep the secret from her until it arrived on her doorstep. I sent it along a little early and I'm glad I did because her sweet baby girl showed up early too. It can be difficult to photograph things like this and really capture an adequate likeness. I don't have the best digital camera, either. At any rate, here are some of the pages and some details. Maybe at some point soon Mrs. MacGyver will post some pictures on her blog with the little lady and the rest of the family filling up the blank spots (hint, hint).

for Sheri

I'm on my way out the door to take these paintings to Sheri. I am wondering if she will like them. I'll know in a while:)

Sunday, September 2, 2007


....really, just too many drinks to count. I suppose if I worked really hard I could sort it out and come up with a number that is pretty close to accurate. No, I am not a drinker. But it was a bachelorette party and I saw it as my duty to drink along with the bride-to-be. Honestly it felt like the first glass of wine did me in...I just kept going with the flow and it really is amazing how people will keep buying a girl drinks.

This is not at all how I pictured my return to posting. The trouble is that so much time has passed. Many posts have bubbled-up into my consciousness and all of the thoughts and ideas that have fluttered through my mind are so varied. Please excuse me, it is a wonder I am able to type at all right now.

What I mean to say is that I am here and I am ok. It is just that I haven't been able to post because time just gets away with me. My days are filled with appointments and tasks and meditating and painting and yes I do find time to flip open the laptop but I find myself unable to comment when I do catch up on blogs because I know that time is precious and how If I allow myself it dissappears on me and also there is the feeling that I get that if I comment on one blog then I will feel like I need to comment on all of them...because I care about all of you and don't want you to think otherwise.

So I resolve to write a bit each day. Just a bit. And to all of you out there, I think about you so much. I will comment on your blogs to let you know that "in person." Yes, I am ok... very well, in fact. And see how brazenly I tempt fate by writing it down in black and white? Wow. But "very well" does not mean "perfect" because that simply does not exist.

OK, I know I am leaving this half-way thought-out...but this is as good as I can muster right now.