Tuesday, June 17, 2008

our youtube debut

Mr C and I were about ten miles out of town when we turned around and headed back to get the charger for the camera. It wasn't until we were in San Diego that we realized that the darn battery wasn't in it. I bought a disposable camera on the ship, but only snapped a few pictures. We did, however, have a flip with us. Only about 2 minutes of space was available, so we came up with a plan for how we could shoot a movie that would encapsulate the cruise in 30 seconds or less.

There is one part that I begged him (pleaded with him) to take out. But he thinks I am crazy, it remains in. I don't think I am crazy, and it may sound silly but it feels like a really big accomplishment that I didn't freak out and refuse to let him do it.

This is my first time attaching a video, so I hope it works.

By the way, he really did hit a hole-in-one! We planned the whole gag (complete with my over-the-top vaudevillian response) and were surprised that the ball was actually in the hole.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

a non-post about not posting

I realize that I am writing what is perhaps the lamest thing possible for a blogger to write about: the fact that I'm not writing.

(But I'm doing it anyway.)

I'm still alive, but I am also still without an internet connection at home. There is a light off in the distance, though, a promise that I will once again be connected to the outside world.