Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I really am getting dressed, really

Yesterday I stayed in my pajamas ALL DAY LONG!

No, this will not be another treatise on the merits of my jam jams.

It just felt like a Sunday and I slept in anyway because I had been up so late the night before (didn't go to bed until the morning, really) so it was one of those days that you just write off. A nothing day. Well, a pretty much nothing day. I did manage to load the diswasher (which hasn't been run yet) and pick up around here a bit and sort of put away most of the christmas presents that we carted home from the folks. Today, so far, I am STILL in my pjs but have big plans for a productive day. I will report back about all of the amazing things that I have done later, after I have done them all.

I finally got through all of the links on "Johannes Ghost". Last night I fell into a blog called "Thomas waz 'ere" and it totally sucked me in. Wow. It is written by a woman named Jill who lives in Australia and has 3 living girls and lost her son Thomas at 13 weeks then had a blighted ovum in her next pregnancy before having the 3rd daughter. It touched me so deeply to read what she wrote. It also made me feel very differently about "miscarriage" (I still HATE that term...a baby died, plain and simple, and that term just discounts the life to me). So I will add links to my blog now, too. This way I can go and check up on these amazing ladies.

Some extremely sad news today. A woman from my boards lost her second son to IC. This is so sad and unfair, and scary to me as well. She lost her first son Dylan at 17 weeks. Classic IC--spontaneous opening of cervix and no way to stop PTL. A perfect, healthy baby just gone, like that. This time they knew and they had a Peri who was seeing them through and she got the cerclage at 13 weeks. But yesterday her water broke and there was no way to turn things back...infection would set in eventually and, at only 16 weeks, that meant there was nothing they could do. She didn't say if the cerclage failed exactly, so I am not sure what happened with that. If they were cautious of infection setting in, then I assume that that means that it wasn't the cause of the PROM. It is hard to say and there is no way that I am going to ask her because asking her would only be for my own self-serving purposes. The poor girl. She said that they are going to just focus on them for a while and not think about TTC again. I can't remember how old she is but I do remember her saying at some point before she got pregnant again that her family felt they were too young to get pregnant--they still live with family. At any rate, she is still young enough to give herself plenty of time to heal. She will most likely have a transabdominal cerclage in the future. This is where they basically do a surgery like a c-section and they place a perminant band around the bottom of the uterus. It is essentially to give the uterus the support that the cervix is supposed to provide--only it is perminant. Once the TAC is placed the uterus is basically "closed" (with enough of an opening to allow for periods/blood to get out and for sperm to get in) and she will have c-sections for all births.

Alright, I have a second cup of tea waiting for me and a long list of chores.